Project aim is to develop an innovative solution within Vocational Education and Training (VET) system by introducing new institutional settings and practices ensuring implementation of gender equality and diversity planning at workplaces.

Project objectives are:

  • to create quality standards for GED (gender equality and diversity) consultancy at workplaces to assure the effectiveness of innovative qualification – GED consultant at workplace,
  • to support innovation in vocational education and training practices by developing an e-learning-training program for GED consultant at workplace,
  • to ensure effective promotion of GED consultancy model at national and European levels.

Short-term target groups are:

  • 18 public/private organisations; employers from the selected organizations will get acquainted with general principles of GED planning at workplaces,
  • 21 trainers-multipliers for GED consultants, who will be trained to hold the piloting of the training program,
  • 54 employees from the selected organisations, who will be trained to acquire complementary qualifications as GED consultants.

Long-term target groups are:

  • Public and private organisations willing to implement GED planning at workplaces,
  • Employees within 18 pilot organisations who will benefit from implementation of GED planning at their workplaces,
  • Labour market consultancy and training institutions,
  • Trade unions, Employers’ associations,
  • Politicians and decision makers.